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New issuer Boost ETP launches four leveraged ETNs

Bild #3241 16 July. The new products are linked to indices in the LevDAX, ShortDAX and EURO STOXX 50 index families and enable investors to participate in the performance of rising or falling share prices with a leverage factor of three. More

Five ETNs on currency baskets launched on Xetra More

Four new equity index ETNs launched on Xetra More

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Most Traded ETCs

Name Change Prev.
Turnover in €
Xetra-Gold 2 m.
db Physical Gold ETC (EUR) 1 m.
db Physical Gold Euro Hedged ET. 891,738
ETFS Aluminium 539,034
ETFS Physical Gold 264,230
24/07/2014 08:21:47

Most traded ETNs

Name Change Prev.
Turnover in €
iPath VSTOXX Short-Term Future. 2 m.
ETFS Long USD Short EUR 4,843
iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term F. 4,773
iPath S&P 500 VIX Mid-Term Fut. 0
ETFS Short NOK Long EUR 0
24/07/2014 08:21:47

Name Change Prev. Day Last Price
ETFS Longer Dated A. 0.00% 8.74
Xetra-Gold 0.00% 31.21
ETFS Soybean Oil 0.00% 3.71
ETFS Physical Platinu. 0.00% 106.22
ETFS Daily Leveraged. 0.00% 6.96
24/07/2014 08:21:47

Name Change Prev. Day Last Price
ETFS Short AUD Lon. 0.00% 40.32
ETFS Long INR Short. 0.00% 34.43
iPath VSTOXX Short-. 0.00% 1.87
ETFS Short SEK Lon. 0.00% 42.53
ETFS Short INR Long. 0.00% 30.26
24/07/2014 08:21:48